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​Bathrooms. Honestly, they can be a disappointment or a true Joy to be in. If yours need a bit of repair or a major upgrade let us handle it with experience using the latest materials following the newest trends.

Carpentry work by our experts.
Let us repair or replace doors, windows, decks, indoor & outdoor trim and yes, even your doghouse sometimes needs help.
Count on us to handle your sawdust work whether its maintenance, repairs or a room addition that’s oh so needed!

Big door, Small doors, all doors in between.  We unstick them, adjust them, install new doorknobs and deadbolt in them, add energy saving weather stripping on them and replace them.


That can be quite a shocking job!  Let our pro's take care of your electrical concerns

with your safety

being our #1 priority.





Flooring can be hard or soft, warm or cold, light or dark.
There are so many choices.
Carpet, Wood, Ceramic, Porcelain, Smooth and Broomed Concrete, Stained Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Wow, who knew...
Let us help you with their repair, maintenance and or upgrades.

Kitchens. A place for appetites. Families exchange their day’s stories there and what yummy smells emanate from there!
If your kitchen is a bit tired, let us help you add new spice to it and your life!  It's amazing what new doors, a bit of tile and Great Granite will do to brighten and freshen up your family’s fabulous food center.

Painting. What can do more with less financial outlay than a thin layer of wonderful color? It can set moods, creates striking statements and protect your home’s interior and exterior environments with style and flair.
Plain or Faux, let us know, how we can help color your world, one room at a time that is...

Windows. They can stick, leak, cloud up and just be a pain in the neck. Let us come to your rescue and help you with repairs, weather stripping and replacements. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, they're what you look at the world through. Help yourself to a view through beautiful windows.
We can Help, Be Happy!

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